Mitosis Delay

A PT2399 delay with effects insert and optional expression pedal controlled rate inspired by Allesz' Crap Fi Delay.

Controls clockwise from top left: Rate, volume, mix, feedback, bypass, delay line to effects toggle, rate toggle. 


This was a great project, difficult and rewarding. To my ears, the PT2399 makes some wonderfully weird noises when it's pushed, but it will also play nice at fast to medium rates. Inserting other effects into the delay line effects loop is great for adding subtle colour to the repeats as well as destroying signals in washes of robot noises. 


There is some interaction between the volume and mix knob, and also both knobs colour the tone. If I was in the business, I would praise these interactions and highlight the many sweet spots, but I think it's simply electronics stuff happening in the circuit that I don't understand but happen to like. Which is probably because this was the first time I tried a delay pedal and also my first somewhat complicated build.