Fuzz Factory Clone

Great kit (The Factory kit from musikding). It comes with everything, including hfe sorted AC122s, pre-stripped wires, a nice LED socket (that I didn’t use) and surplus component sockets. One gripe: Components were labeled with values, while the board was labeled with numbers, so I needed the BOM when soldering. The pots are not board mounted, which allows for flexibility in the layout, but caused quite a rat’s nest in my build.

I went for an industrial look inspired by one of u/GATEDFUZZ’s CT5s. I bought a cheap 125B Hammond knockoff enclosure and sanded it to bring out all the die cast imperfections. I’m very happy with the result, and I think it goes well with untamed noise this thing can make. I made the mistake of swapping tip and ring on the output jack, so it didn’t turn on right away (do they ever?), but it was an easy fix, and it came to life with the most pleasing/ear shattering wail, instant Muse.